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Archicad 24 – Building Together

Archicad 24 - Building Together - Archilantis Komunitas Open BIM Indonesia

Archicad 24 – Building Together

Archicad 24 connects architects and engineers in a shared BIMcloud environment — powered by advanced collaboration and communication workflows — to deliver integrated design. Seamless and transparent information exchange builds trust among team members, eliminates model duplication, and redundant work between architects and engineers. WORK AS ONE TEAM!


Archicad 24 Model anything - Model everything - Archilantis

Model anything. Model everything

Create the BIM model of the entire building with Archicad 24’s powerful toolkit. Integrate the structural model and the architectural model in one shared design hub, resulting in a powerful, collaborative environment. Archicad tools now integrate the Structural Analytical Model.

Built-in MEP modeler - MEP design tools - Archilantis

Built-in MEP modeler

Built-in MEP design tools further extend the integrated design approach of Archicad 24. As of this version, MEP Modeler is a core part of the software. Access intelligent MEP equipment inside the architectural model. Integrate MEP systems correctly in the BIM model without the need for a federated approach.

Explore ideas and design alternatives - archicad 24 - archilantis

Share and explore your ideas

Explore ideas and design alternatives, leaving no stone unturned. Model and submit ideas for review by your team. When accepted, they’ll immediately become part of the project.

Create your own objects with the node-based visual PARAM-O tool - archilantis

Object creation made easy

Create your own objects with the node-based visual PARAM-O tool without the need for GDL programming knowledge. Model anything from interior details to urban landscapes with parametric capabilities. Create parametric BIM elements with ease — the possibilities are endless!

Lights out for eye strain - archilantis open bim community

Lights out for eye strain

Reduce eye strain in low-light conditions by switching to Dark Mode on macOS. Archicad will adapt its appearance with carefully re-designed icons and interface colors to be easier on your eyes in low-light conditions.


shell house kotare ide - archilantis - graphisoft

Build better buildings

Archicad 24 puts architects and structural engineers on the same page with an integrated structural analytical model in the BIM model. Keep architects and engineers in sync, save time and costs with a collision-free, one model strategy and a bi-directional workflow.

Design Integration Model Compare - archilantis - graphisoft

Built-in physical and analytical model checking

Increase the reliability and accuracy of your model with the help of built-in physical and analytical model checking and a seamless, bi-directional workflow between Archicad 24 and the analysis application — saving you time and money on the job site.

One shared model - open bim - archilantis

One shared model

Save time, avoid mistakes, and minimize the risk of data loss thanks to efficient project management between architects and engineers based on a shared model and design hub — built to OPEN BIM standards. Strengthen team performance and design better buildings through solutions powered by streamlined data management processes.


smart change monitoring and real-time notifications - archilantis graphisoft

Stay in the loop

Detect and visualize the changes between models and revisions in a more intuitive way thanks to smart change monitoring and real-time notifications.

archicad Model Compare - archilantis

Change management made easy

With multiple stakeholders on each project, the job of following, understanding, and adapting ongoing design changes is a significant task. Archicad introduces Model Compare. Compare two 3D models or versions, and visualize and filter the differences between them. Keep track of design changes accurately and even evaluate design variants to get to the best possible design.

clear organization and real-time notifications of BIM model changes - archicad 24

Track and change

Resolve issues faster and reduce the risk of unsolved issues thanks to clear organization and real-time notifications of BIM model changes. Integrate issues from third parties based on compatibility with industry standard issue management solutions.

archicad publishing workflow and BIMcloud

Always in sync

Upload and refresh content in the model regardless of each team members’ location thanks to our fast and simple publishing workflow and BIMcloud. Save time, avoid mistakes and share files with confidence, knowing everything’s up-to-date. Real-time access to the shared model throughout the design process means all team members are in sync at all times.

Access RVT files locally or via BIMcloud - graphisoft archilantis

Direct information exchange with Revit

Exchange information with Revit directly “out-of-the-box.” Import and export elements with their precise geometry and parameters (as non-editable content) from Revit (RVT) files for coordination and model referencing purposes. Access RVT files locally or via BIMcloud, using Hotlink or Publish functions.

One shared model - open bim - archilantis

Simple project submission

Publish projects from Archicad to shared online locations with ease thanks to a streamlined submission process. There’s no need to stay glued to the screen to watch for the publishing to finish, or additional manual uploads. Archicad takes care of it all.

Connect to industry-leading CDE solutions such as Aconex via buildingSMART-defined “open” protocols.


create automation scripts in Archicad, and complete command chains from outside phyton graphisoft archilantis

Automate your workflows

Using higher-level programming languages like Python, create automation scripts in Archicad, and complete command chains from outside. Access general element, property information and element listing information, and modify these and other Archicad element classifications as necessary.

archicad Smarter information exchange

Smarter information exchange

Exchange data with consultants outside of the model environment in a smart, efficient way: option set properties are now exported to Excel, guaranteeing accurate and high-quality information input into your BIM model.


archicad New and updated surface materials

New and updated surface materials

Is it real or is it rendered? Create high-end visualizations quickly and easily with new and updated surfaces in the Additional Surface Catalog*. 500+ surface materials, including new wallpaper and realistic metal surfaces, result in stunning photo-realistic renderings.

archicad Bring your interiors to life - archilantis

Bring your interiors to life

Add life to your 2D and 3D views for a more contemporary look and feel. Furnish your scenes with brand-new objects from the updated library quickly and easily, thanks to an improved design workflow.

archicad BIMx 3D engine - archilantis graphisoft

No project is too big

Present projects of any size right on your mobile device thanks to the brand-new BIMx 3D engine. Get the full experience of BIMx on your desktop, too!

Archicad-Twinmotion Direct Link archilantis graphisoft

Stunning real-time renderings

Create high-end visualizations with the Archicad-Twinmotion Direct Link while working on your BIM project, for informed design decisions and compelling client presentations. And Twinmotion 2020 is free for Archicad 24 users*!

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